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When you are unable to fit all your belongings in your home or apartment, you need a secure place you can trust. Clifton Rt. 46 Self Storage provides residents in Clifton, New Jersey, an area to store their possessions with peace of mind. Learn the benefits of choosing us for all your self-storage needs.

Advantages of Storing With Clifton Rt. 46 Self Storage

When deciding the appropriate place to house items that you don’t have room for, there are plenty of factors you may want to consider. At Clifton Rt. 46 Self Storage, we understand the needs of our customers. Advantages of using our storage facility include:

  • Secure location: Our storage units are completely fenced in, with the only access point being an electric gate. This helps prevent unwanted intruders from wandering near your storage unit.
  • Well-lit facility: Feel free to access your storage unit at any time of the day or night. You can feel safe coming in and out of the facility thanks to our well-lit property.
  • Individual access codes: In order to maximize security, each customer is given their own individual code to access the gate. By doing so, we can identify any potential security issues and help ensure the safety of your valuables.
  • App-enabled access: We offer our tenants even easier access through the gates by using the quikstor app on their mobile devices. Once downloaded, it allows you to open the gate into the facility.
  • Digital video surveillance: Our facility is monitored 24/7 by our digital video surveillance system. This allows us to provide our customers with a high level of security.
  • Convenient payment options: You no longer have to stress about paying your monthly rent in person — our e-commerce software allows customers to easily pay their bills from the comfort of their own homes. Existing customers can access their account online to view their payment history, while new customers are able to rent or reserve a storage unit online with only a few mouse clicks.
  • Competitive rates: Our family-owned operation provides customers with competitive rates for the area. Because we have no corporate mandate, our rates remain steady.
  • Strict policies and rules: Intended for everyone’s safety and satisfaction, we enforce a set of rules and policies within our facility. We ask each of our tenants to review these policies and the list of restricted items.

Our spacious storage facility features hundreds of units in varying sizes, including a large number of drive-up units, giving us the ability to accommodate diverse storage needs. What’s more, assistance is readily available. Should you ever need anything or run into any issues, our management team is onsite and will be happy to assist you in any way they can.

Secure Your Belongings Today

When it comes to your possessions, you can never be too careful. You need a reliable and secure space for your extra belongings. At Clifton Rt. 46 Self Storage, we pride ourselves on offering customers in Clifton, NJ, a safe, affordable self-storage facility with 24/7 monitoring. To learn more about our units and rates, contact us today.



Clifton RT 46 Self Storage

Clifton RT 46 Self Storage 678 Rt. 46 West, Clifton, NJ 07013

Clifton RT 46 Self Storage

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