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  • 29/02/2020
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Declutter Your Storage Locker For The Important Things

When you rented your self-storage locker, you probably intended to keep it organized, but the longer you had it, the more chaotic it became. You might not even remember what all is in your storage unit and have items you don’t want any more taking up valuable space. Storage locker decluttering helps you keep it orderly and easy to find what you need. Avoid being overwhelmed while decluttering by ensuring you have a good plan of attack.

Know The Rules

Before you begin, ask the storage facility’s staff if there are any policy rules you must follow. Most storage companies have enough room for you to temporarily remove items from your unit to clean and declutter. Still, they likely have strict rules about keeping driving lanes clear and not blocking access to other units. If your space is particularly full, you may need to remove a few items at a time and declutter in sections to comply with these rules. Storage companies may also permit you to have garage sales, auctions, or other public sales. Holding sales at your storage unit is a handy way to get rid of items without having to transport them elsewhere to sell.

Be Emotionally Prepared

It’s common to store items of sentimental value you want to keep but don’t have room at home. You might also be storing items that belonged to a recently deceased relative that you haven’t been emotionally prepared to deal with yet. Going through items that prompt an emotional response is draining and may prevent you from finishing your task, so prepare yourself for this possibility. If you’re not ready to go through a deceased relative’s belongings or boxes of sentimental objects, stack these items together in one section to deal with later, and stay on track with your current goals.

Schedule Storage Locker Decluttering

Decluttering an off-site storage locker is inconvenient, so schedule days and times to work on this project. Stick to your schedule or you’ll never get the job done. The longer you put off decluttering, the worse the mess gets, and the more excuses you’ll make not to do it. Plan to work at least two to three hours at a time, or dedicate an entire day every other weekend. If you must do the job in a smaller duration, ensure you’re making enough progress each time to finish within your scheduled time frame.

Tackle Decluttering In Sections

It’s usually unrealistic to attempt to declutter your entire storage unit in one day, so tackle your storage locker decluttering in sections. The unit size, amount of stuff, and what to do with each item all play a role in how much time it’ll take to go through your entire space. Divide your storage unit into sections based on the number of scheduled sessions you think you need.

Declutter one part, then refill it with objects that remain in storage. Start the next section and add sorted items to the previous sections until full. Once you’re finished with all sections, you may have extra space. Now, reorganize everything until your entire unit makes sense, grouping items together by room, owner, frequency of use, or other personal preferences.

Re-Sort Boxed Items

During the time you’ve had your storage unit, each new box of items you stored probably contains a bunch of random items thrown together. Grab six empty boxes to separate objects from each container, which includes one box for items you:

  • Want to donate
  • Can recycle
  • Intend to sell
  • Need to throw away
  • Decide to take back home
  • Plan to keep storing

As each box becomes full, replace it with another empty container and keep sorting through all the full boxes in your storage unit. Once done with the section you’re working on, deal with your sorted items appropriately.

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