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  • 05/02/2024
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Declutter or Discard? Compromising with a Storage Unit

Appealing as a clutter-free house may be, the process of decluttering can seem daunting. How do you decide which items to keep and which to donate or discard? In many cases, storage units offer a useful compromise. A rental unit frees up space in your home while providing a place for items you just can’t get rid of. With Clifton Rt. 46 Storage, find out how our units can help declutter storage at home.

Tips for Decluttering

Decluttering your home is an involved process. Without forethought and planning, good intentions can be quickly overtaken by feelings of overwhelm. This is why it’s important to approach the project strategically. Here are a few tips for decluttering to avoid overwhelm:

  • Do a little bit each day, rather than all at once.
  • Set a timer to maximize focus.
  • Break down the task into smaller objectives.
  • Complete one project before starting another.
  • Create storage solutions to control future clutter.

Cleaning out clutter doesn’t have to be an overwhelming prospect. By planning and approaching the project in manageable chunks, you can maximize your success.

Keep or Discard?

You’ve established a strategy; now, it’s time to get started. Move by sections and sort items into four basic categories. The “keep” pile is for items you’d like to hold onto. For items you’d like to discard, divide between “trash”, “sell”, and “donate” depending on their value.

If you can’t decide whether to keep or discard an item, don’t pressure yourself. Too much pressure will make you feel worse about the project and more likely to abandon it early. Instead, create an extra category for second chances. This gives you extra time to make decisions on items you are uncertain about keeping. When you make a second chance category, use it sparingly to avoid delaying too many decisions. Setting a personal deadline will also motivate you to address items in time.

When to Use a Unit

Storage units can relieve some pressure while decluttering. Before you start packing, however, it’s important to plan accordingly. The best candidates for storage are items that you want to keep, but that you don’t use regularly. Here are some common categories that do well in a storage unit:

Important Records

Everybody has essential documents to hold onto. As important as these records are, however, you probably don’t need them often. Bills, medical records, tax files, bank statements, and other paperwork are all perfect candidates for storage in your rental unit. They also readily organize into filing cabinets and stackable boxes, allowing for easy access later.

Seasonal Items

Patio furniture, holiday decorations, skiing equipment, winter clothes, and sporting gear are only used through part of the year. When their season ends, these items do little but take up space in already-crowded closets and garages. Moving them to a secure storage unit can keep them safe and out of your way until the next time you need them.

Baby Items

Maybe you had one baby, but hope for more. Or maybe you have a younger relative planning to start a family. Baby care can be expensive, especially large items like changing tables, strollers, and cribs. Rather than selling or donating your old items, a storage unit lets you keep them and cut down on costs for the next child.

Keepsakes and Mementos

We all own some items with personal significance. Photo albums, special toys, and souvenirs can carry powerful memories of events, experiences, and loved ones. Careful packing into a storage unit can protect these items against damage and loss, ensuring that your memories stay preserved for sharing and reminiscence.

Declutter Storage with Rental Units

If you struggle to make decisions while decluttering storage, compromise with a storage unit. Clifton Rt. 46 Storage is one of the largest facilities in the Clifton, New Jersey region, with both drive-up units and small indoor storage. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and can help you choose the unit size that best meets your needs. Contact us to learn more or to reserve a unit.

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