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  • 05/12/2022
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Worst Case Scenario: If Your Unit Is Missing Items

A self-storage unit should provide you with a secure storage solution that minimizes the risk of break-ins and theft, but they're not impervious to these risks. If burglars want to get into a facility badly enough, they may have the tools to do so and steal people's property in the process.

At Clifton Rt. 46 Self Storage, you'll find secure storage units in Clifton, NJ that keep your property consistently protected. In the event of a storage unit break-in and missing items, there are some steps you can take that will help you get your stolen property back or reimbursement for any missing items.

Get Reimbursement Through a Self-Storage Insurance Policy

In most cases, the storage facility won't be liable for any stolen or damaged property. Your storage facility will likely establish this once you sign a contract. However, when renting a unit, you may be able to get self-storage insurance from the same facility to cover your property if break-ins and theft, or damage occur.

If you have self-storage insurance, the first step to take would be to notify the storage facility, at which point a report would be filed and you would receive reimbursement for the items you lost. Keep in mind that you'll only be able to get reimbursement up to the maximum value that the policy covers.

Contact the Police to Report the Theft

As mentioned, many self-storage facilities today have sufficient security measures to prevent burglaries and other criminal activity on the premises. These security measures could include an extensive security camera system that can capture thieves and other criminals in the facility and near individual storage units. Additionally, facilities should be well-lit to make it easier to identify people in the facility on camera.

If a break-in still occurs, you may file a police report and initiate an investigation into the break-in and theft. The storage facility should be able to help with this investigation by providing security camera footage to law enforcement, which may help identify the individuals responsible for the break-in. If you report the theft early enough and the security footage is clear, there's a chance that the police could capture the criminals and recover any stolen items.

Go Through a Renters Insurance Policy

If you don't have a self-storage insurance policy, you may have a renters insurance policy instead. The main advantage of a renters insurance policy is that it may be able to cover your property wherever it is, including storage. This isn't always the case, though, which is why you should ensure that your policy covers property in storage at the time of the theft. Additionally, you should determine if there are any limitations in place for certain valuables such as electronics and jewelry.

Taking these steps should help you either recover any missing items or receive full reimbursement after a storage unit break-in.

How to Protect Your Property From Break-Ins

As mentioned, storage unit break-ins are always a possibility even with ample security measures in place. At the same time, you can take certain precautions that further protect your property and prevent potential burglaries. These steps include the following:

Keep a Record of All Stored Items

To make sure everything in your storage unit is accounted for, always keep a record of your property. You can do so by retaining all receipts along with video footage or photos of valuables and other items.

Carefully Label Your Items

Your first instinct when labeling items might be to ensure the label matches the contained items, but this could be a giveaway for burglars. Instead, you may want to disguise certain items with misleading labels. For example, you may want to label a box of valuable electronics as "cables" or something more inconspicuous.

Report Any Suspicious Activity

If you see anyone behaving suspiciously on the premises, report it to the manager of the storage facility. For instance, someone near your storage unit may appear to watch you too closely as you enter and exit. The facility manager may be able to investigate and keep a lookout for any additional activity.

Use Reliable Locks

You can also use a strong lock to protect your unit. Some of the best to use include cylinder locks that make it difficult for thieves to get into your unit.

Take the Right Steps After a Storage Unit Break-In

If a burglary takes place, you can take certain steps to recover lost items or reimbursement. While you may be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items, you have plenty of options to recover from any instances of theft.

At Clifton Rt. 46 Self Storage, located right off Route 46 in Clifton, New Jersey, you'll find the secure facility you need to protect your property at all times. Schedule a tour of our site today or contact us to learn more about what our facility has to offer.

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