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5 Reasons You Need A Self-Storage Unit
  • January 31, 2020
  • By cliftonrt46selfstorage

The self-storage industry has been booming for years, so you’ve probably noticed facilities everywhere. While some people have too much stuff because they never get rid of anything, there are many reasons why you might need extra storage space. You’ll find numerous self-storage options for short- and long-term residential or business storage needs. The type of self-storage unit you need greatly hinges on why you need it.

Relocating Your Home Or Business

Whether you’re moving to a new home or relocating your business, temporarily renting a storage unit can solve common moving issues. For example, if you need to be out of your rental by the end of the month, but the closing date on your new dream home is further away, renting a storage unit is a convenient way to temporarily store your belongings until moving day.

The same is true if you’re relocating your business, but you need to make some modifications to the new location before your grand reopening. While it may be inconvenient to move everything twice, it’s gratifying to have a secure place to keep your stuff in the interim.

Renovating Your Home Or Business

Another reason you might need temporary storage space is during major renovations at your home or business. It’s challenging to work around furniture and other belongings while you’re taking out walls or expanding rooms, and you don’t want to damage anything in the process. Even simple renovations, such as installing new flooring or replacing a leaking roof, are easier if everything is safely stored out of the way.

Once you complete your home or business improvements, you can decide whether to move everything back to where it was or take this opportunity to rethink your interior design.

Downsizing Or Combining Homes

Empty nesters or aging adults who no longer want to care for a large home may decide it’s time to downsize. Moving to a smaller home requires lots of decisions on what to keep. You won’t want to make any hasty decisions you might regret later. Exploring your self-storage options gives you time to consider what to do with your excess belongings, including asking other family members if they want any items for their homes.

Downsizing may also be required when you’re combining two households, such as after a marriage or when elderly parents need to move in with adult children due to health issues. Again, you don’t want to rush into deciding what stays and what goes. Instead, put excess items into a self-storage unit and go through everything when your days become less hectic. College students home for the summer who can’t leave their belongings in their dorm rooms also benefit from temporary storage options.

Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering is one of the top reasons why many people explore their self-storage options. It’s an excellent practice to declutter your home at least once a year to get rid of anything you no longer need or want. While separating donations from rubbish, you might come across sentimental items you can’t bear to part with but take up too much room in your home. You might also find items you seldom use but can’t afford to replace. An off-site storage unit makes a great solution, but just like your home, declutter your storage unit regularly, or you may end up storing a bunch of useless items you no longer want.

Storing Excess Business Inventory

Self-storage units provide an economical alternative for businesses that don’t have enough room to store excess inventory on-site. Safeguard your assets by exploring your off-site self-storage options. Some businesses and offices also opt to store paperwork they’re required to keep for several years off-site, instead of taking up valuable workspace. It’s especially important to choose a secure storage facility to keep sensitive documents intact and safe from theft until it’s time for them to be destroyed.

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