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Could Someone Break Into My Unit?
  • June 22, 2023
  • By cliftonrt46selfstorage

Storage units are a go-to for people needing storage space for their valuables. People rent storage units for adequate storage space and security. Everyone wants to store their goods in a safe and secure place where unauthorized personnel will not access them. It is, therefore, not uncommon for clients to wonder whether storage units are liable for a break-in. Clifton Rt. 46 Self Storage serves Clifton, NJ, and the surrounding area. Here, we discuss the possibility of a break-in into a storage unit and how to prevent it.

How Common Are Storage Unit Break-Ins?

Self-storage units contain valuable possessions, which can invite thieves willing to try their luck. Outdoor facilities that have no perimeter wall, gates, and visible cameras are especially prone to break-ins. Storage facilities with outdated security measures are not spared either. Below are some strategies thieves employ to gain access to a storage facility.

Lock Cutting

Lock-cutting is the most common technique thieves use to gain access to self-storage facilities. A pair of bolt cutters is all a thief needs to break into a storage unit. Lock cutting can work where the site owner uses outdated padlocks and does not have the required surveillance to help generate leads on suspects who could be responsible for the break-in.

Picking Disc Locks

While more advanced than some padlocks, disc locks present minimal challenges to experienced crafty burglars. By picking disc locks and putting them back on, thieves can steal items without leaving signs of forced entry. This means it may take a while to notice the absence of items. Your insurance claim may also be denied as there will be no evidence of a break-in.

Going Through or Over Units

Thieves may also masquerade as innocent tenants. They then rent out a single unit, access it, and cut through the wall or the roof to access neighboring units. These thieves can clear out the storage units of fellow tenants without setting off the security alarm or appearing to be out of place since they have authorized access to the facility.

How to Prevent Storage Unit Break-Ins

The task of ensuring safety and security in a storage facility lies with the site owner. However, you are responsible for picking a safe storage unit for your goods. Below are some things to look out for on your next site tour of a storage facility.

Is There Fencing to Restrict Access?

As earlier stated, a storage facility in an open area presents a tempting proposition for thieves. A storage facility should have a perimeter wall to restrict intruders from just walking into the premises. A concrete wall would be best, as it is impenetrable and unlikely to have weaknesses that thieves can exploit to gain entry. A robust and secure gate with unique digital passcodes for all tenants makes it difficult for thieves to enter the facility.

Storage facilities equipped with smart entry access can customize passcodes for each tenant and keep records of their activity log, making it possible to identify thieves masquerading as tenants.

Is There Digital Video Surveillance?

Up-to-date surveillance technology that provides video footage of intruders makes it possible to identify burglars and thieves responsible for the theft. 24-hour video surveillance of the facility will help keep track of all happenings within the premises and detect suspicious activity before any theft occurs.

Is There Adequate Lighting?

Proper visibility makes it possible for surveillance systems to pick up on all activities within the property. It also deters thieves from trespassing on the property.

Is It Equipped With Smart Locks?

Smart locks that use a keypad code or a passcode eliminate the threat of lock cutting and disc picking, ensuring that only authorized entry can access their storage unit. If the storage facility still uses padlocks, choose one that is tough and can pose a security challenge for potential burglars. You should use a padlock made of durable rust-resistant metal, especially if you plan to use the unit for an extended period. It should also be designed such that the shackle properly fits the latch or hasp of the storage door. The locking mechanism should also be top-notch; locks with more pins are usually more challenging for thieves to pick.

What to Do if There Is a Storage Unit Break-In

Sadly, advanced measures may not always be able to prevent a storage unit break-in. If you experience such an incident as a tenant, it is best to get in touch with your insurance agent for a policy that will indemnify you for the losses incurred. A self-storage insurance policy covers the items inside a storage unit and compensates you in case of loss resulting from a burglary. It is advisable to keep an inventory of the stored items to make it easier to identify what was affected.

Clifton Rt. 46 Is a Secure Self-Storage Facility

Are you in need of a safe and secure storage unit? Then look no further. At Clifton Rt. 46 Self Storage, New Jersey, we take the necessary security measures to protect our tenants’ goods from harm. Contact us today to rent a self-storage unit.

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