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Stocking Up On Boxes: Fleshing Out Your Sub-Storage Strategy
  • December 31, 2019
  • By cliftonrt46selfstorage

Many people rent self-storage units when they need more space for their belongings but don’t consider the importance of the storage locker boxes they choose for packing. Picking up free boxes from local stores often results in a bunch of boxes with random sizes that might already be worn out.

When you want to ensure your valuables are safely stored while also getting the most room out of your storage space, understand that not all boxes are created equal. Boxes come in different sizes and materials, so make sure you stock up the right storage locker boxes suitable for short-term or long-term storage.

Size Matters

When you pack your self-storage unit and arrange it, place boxes in stacks so that they don’t tip over, ruin your things, and potentially harm others. Try to stick to a limit of two or three different sizes that are all square-shaped when selecting boxes, ensuring they fit together in a tightly packed grid. There are numerous sizes to choose from, including:

  • Small boxes for fragile items or small, heavy items that add too much weight to larger boxes average 16 x 12 x 12 inches in size
  • Medium boxes for most small to medium household items average 18 x 18 x 16 inches in size 
  • Large boxes for small appliances, linens, and lighter objects average 18 x 18 x 24 inches in size 
  • Extra-large boxes for bulky, lightweight items and larger kitchen appliances average 24 x 18 x 24 inches in size

Try to avoid overly large boxes that usually end up being too heavy and awkward to carry. Even if your extra-large boxes are lightweight, they stick out farther than smaller ones and hamper your organization and stacking goals.

There are also numerous specialty boxes for fragile or unusually shaped items, including wardrobe boxes, mirror/picture boxes, dish packs, TV boxes, wine shippers, lamp boxes, and mattress boxes. Some specialty boxes are difficult or even impossible to stack, but they keep belongings from being damaged better than standard boxes.

Cardboard Storage Locker Boxes

When you think of storage locker boxes, you typically think of cardboard boxes. Corrugated cardboard boxes are inexpensive, come in a variety of sizes, and are easy to pack, label, and stack. They’re also easily recycled when you’re through with them or broken down for use later. However, if you intend to store your items for a long time, cardboard isn’t always the best choice.

Cardboard is susceptible to heat, humidity, and moisture, which could cause the box to quickly break down and lead to unhealthy mold and mildew growth. Bugs and rodents are attracted to cardboard, leaving your contents at risk of infestation and damage. Unless you’re storing items in a reputable temperature-controlled self-storage facility, don’t expect your belongings to remain in flawless condition if they’re stored long-term.

Plastic Storage Totes

Plastic storage containers won’t break down like cardboard, stack easily, and protect contents better from heat, moisture, rodents, and bugs. Lids on plastic totes tightly snap closed, eliminating the need for tape and further protecting contents from dust and critters. Some covers have an indention for secure stacking of another like-sized tote on top. Many plastic storage containers also have comfortable carrying handles, making them easier to carry than boxes without hand holes. Choose clear storage containers to identify what’s stored inside quickly.

Plastic totes are much more expensive than cardboard boxes. If you only need short-term storage, you may not want to splurge on this option. Unlike cardboard storage locker boxes, you can’t break down a plastic tote, making them more challenging to store and use later. Poorly constructed plastic totes may buckle under heavy loads, so only choose heavy-duty totes for long-term storage.

Choose A Reputable Storage Facility

No matter what size or type of storage locker boxes you choose, make sure there aren’t any tears or water damage in cardboard boxes or cracks or visible buckling in plastic boxes. Ensure your boxes and belongings stay in good condition by renting a storage unit from Clifton Rt. 46 Self Storage. Whether you need short- or long-term storage space, we have the solutions you need. We provide safe, secure, and affordable indoor and outdoor self-storage options in Clifton, New Jersey. Contact us at 973-772-1300 to learn more about the various sized units we currently have available or reserve a unit online today.

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